MPB 3200 Portable Traffic Lights

MPB 3200 Portable Traffic Lights are vehicle actuated and fully comply with NZTA CoPTTM and AS/NZS 4191:1994 standards. 

They are used to control one-way alternating traffic only (not 3 or 4 way intersections) and can be used in radio, quartz (timer) or cable modes (cable sold separately). The signal system is easy to operate and can be programmed in just a few steps using the control panel, without the user needing extensive prior knowledge.

Key Features:
User Friendly Control Panel : MPB 3200s are extremely simple to setup & programme. All signal heads are the same so you can decide for yourself which signal head to use as transmitter or receiver (with active feedback) for radio operation.

Traffic Actuated Radar: MPB 3200s are equipped with directional radar detectors to detect vehicles, eliminating the need for manual traffic control. MPB 3200s have a number of different operating modes to choose from, all on the Control Panel.

Emergency Quartz Backup: If the radio signal breaks down, the lights automatically change over to synchronised emergency quartz (timer) mode. Once signal is restored, the lights switch back into “radio” mode without any noticeable interruptions for vehicle traffic.

Other Features & Benefits:
– NZTA CoPTTM Compliant
– Audio alarm*- CoPTTM requirement
– Equipped with directional radar detectors for traffic­
dependent operation – CoPTTM requirement
– Cost effective system for one-way alter­nating traffic
– Universal signal heads – select transmitter or receiver mode
– Ease of set up & programming
– LED lamps with ambient light sensor
– Emergency quartz back up
– Multiple modes – radio, quartz and cable**

* Alarm for radio communication error or power loss
** Cable sold separately

MPB 3200 SMS Module
Voltage Transformer / Power Pack
Remote Controller-Receiver
Count down Timer

All Accessories / Upgrade Options are sold separately. Batteries, Chargers & Battery Change Over Connector Units are also available.