RTL MPB 4000 Portable Traffic Lights

Compliant to AS 4191 – 1994 and listed in the Register of Approved Traffic Signal Systems in the COPTTM Technical Note, our RTL Portable Traffic Lights offer reliable operation and easy transportation.

Our MPB 4000 portable traffic lights are NZTA approved, radio controlled and vehicle activated. Equipped with LED technology and with the ability to connect up to 24 MPB 4000 signal heads together, this system is extremely versatile and can be used to control different traffic configurations, from alternating one-way traffic through to crossroads traffic.

The MPB 4000 is programmed conveniently with a hand box and is very easy to use. The signal system can be programmed in just a few steps without the user needing extensive prior knowledge. The versatility and cost effectiveness of the MPB4000 makes this system very popular.