VMS Boards

Ideal for advising motorists of upcoming works or delays, or for the promotion of your event or sale.

VMS Boards are great for when your message MUST be seen and understood clearly.

Whether it is advising drivers of upcoming road closures, your next event or perhaps telling people to come in and take advantage of your sale; VMS Boards put across a highlighted message that is proven to be eye-catching and engaging.

Options Available:

  • Choose from 2 display size options (Small, Medium)


  • Multi-colour & single colour boards available
  • Capable of displaying multiple screens of information
  • Able to be updated remotely 24/7
  • Self-powered via built in solar panels
  • Four individual leveling pads to level on a variety of sites
  • Adjustable display height and rotation

Competitive daily rates, for both long or short term rentals

Customer Service team available 24/7