Construction & Event Fencing

Perfect for securing a construction site or a special event area.

We have several options of tall fencing that can be used for fencing off work sites or to fence off public and non-public access areas for events.

This might include the backstage area in an outdoor concert for example. The shorter of our ‘tall’ fencing is ideal to fence off an exhibit area for an indoor trade show or similar event. Particularly when using our branding options.

Options available:

  • 1.85m high x 2.4m wide
  • 2.03m high x 2.4m wide


  • Anti-climb infill steel mesh
  • Clamped together for stability and security
  • Heavy duty bright orange plastic feet to reduce pedestrian tripping hazards


  • Lightweight flat feet available if you need to move the fences during your event
  • Gates also available
  • Plain mesh to obscure the view through the fence and minimize dust
  • Consider branding your event or works site with your company or event name printed onto mesh banners

Delivery & Installtion:

  • 50x panels fit onto a trailer, towed by a ute
  • 100x panels fit onto a truck
  • 200x panels fit into a container
  • All fencing can be installed easily and we have number of options to drop off